Recorded “Live” with the
Whales of Maui

This ground-breaking CD features the music of a spontaneous interaction between two musicians and the humpback whales visiting Maui. Using new technology including underwater microphones and speakers, as well as a full digital on-board recording studio, Don V Lax (violin) and Melissa Proulx (didgeridoo) listened and responded to the whales... and the whales listened and responded to them.

This project is dedicated to the Mother Earth, all her sentient creatures, her oceans and rivers, mountains and forests, in all their splendid beauty and diversity. It is our fervent wish that the deep harmonies found in this miraculous interspecies conversation will resonate through the World, and bring increased harmony to all who share this Blue Planet.

15% of all CD sales will go to support ocean and cetacean conservation efforts.

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